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I'm working on this project where we are assigned a part of africa and have to basically decide everything about it's life there.
Right now I'm working on the military part. I have to answer:
How strong is the military?
Who serves in the military?
What kinds of weapons do you use?
I want my answers to be good but also relevant to the time period which is about 1300-1400's around there. I have the south east part of Africa.

please provide any ideas/comments you have, I really need some advice/help.

Oh, also; i need to have a form of money to use and I'm not sure what to use.
Please Help Me!!
thanks in advance!

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    You may find some of your answers in these sites.

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    Okay, I have the first two, now I just need the kinds of weapons used and the form of money.
    Please help!

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    They didn't really have money, but bartered goods -- like salt for gold.

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    yes, but for the project, we are making almost everything up, so he said we have to have a form of money

    Also, what do you think are some weapons used, so far, all I have is spears made of iron

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    I thought this was a history class, not a creative writing class. I can't help you with the fiction.

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    ummm, it IS a history class, we are to use what we know aout africa to come up with these things, I have everything else, now all I need is a money source, (oh and your site didn't really help too much-sorry)what are some things that could be used as money in the 15th century??

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    On the eve of colonialism, barter had evolved to a higher stage which Austen calls “commodity money.” This involved items which, because of their quality, enjoyed special advantages as stores of value, media of exchange or units of account. They included livestock, salt bars, jewelry, tools, cotton, palm leaf or bark, textiles and shells. Such valuable commodities were bought and sold in major trading centers such as West and central Sudan, the Guinea coast and the Swahili coast.

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