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Which of the following is a dipole?
KrF2, NH2Cl, CH2Br2, and SCN^-
I'm pretty sure that KrF2 and NH2Cl are not dipoles, but why? also, what makes something be a dipole?

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    If KrF2 is linear and symmetric, it is not a dipole. The others probably are. a molecule needs symmetry about a plane to avoid being a dipole. You can't always tell that from the chemical formula.

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    CH2Br2 is a molecule

    Br-CH2-Br, linear almost, no dipole


    ::S=C=N: triple bond between C,N

    most definitely has dipole moment

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    I take the CH2Br2 back. It is a bent tetrahedral, so the Br side gives it a dipole moment.

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