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Math -- 6th Grade

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The sum of two decimal numbers is 5.3. Their difference is 1.7, and their product is 6.3. What are the two numbers?

Does the product have anything to do with getting the answers?

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    You don't need the product info to solve this. You only need to write two equations to solve for two unknowns.
    a + b = 5.3
    a - b = 1.7

    2a = 7
    a = 3.5
    b = 5.3 - 3.5 = 1.8

    The product a*b does satisfy the 6.3 requirement. If it didn't, there would be no solution to all three requirements.

  • Math -- 6th Grade -

    Thank you drwls!

  • Math -- 6th Grade -

    I should not be using algebra for a sixth grade question. It's really the quickest way I know. I hope you were able to follow that.

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