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I need to know the three most dangerous things that can happen on a socializing website such as facebook, for teenagers.


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    1) the teen to give personal identifying information (telephone, name, location, school, parents address, etc)
    2) the teen to "invite" predators by posting suggestive photos, notes, comments.
    3) the teen to have parents who don't monitor the teens postings.

    Those are the three most dangerous things that can happen imo.

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    Thank you! People should start being more careful these days on these websites...

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    I agree with Bob Pursley -- and what makes matters even worse in our society today is the number of teenagers who not only have their own cell phones with cameras in them, but also cellphones that access the Internet.

    What a combination!! And many parents are pretty darned clueless about all the different ways their kids can get in trouble (sometimes fatally) with these devices.

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    Yeah, I've heard a lot about that kind of stuff happening with teens who misuse their cell phone cameras..

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