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The Bell Curve

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In The Bell Curve, Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray argued that the nation cannot come to terms with its massive social problems until it confronts the role of intelligence. "How bright someone is, is the single variable that has the largest impact on income and social status," argued Hernstein. He further contended that low IQ is the most important factor relating to such social ills such as crime, illegitimacy, and welfare dependency. What are your thoughts on these claims?

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    They are asking for your thoughts, not mine. Although many or most of the author's conclusions may be correct, this a controversial book often invoked by people with a hidden agenda, such as opposition to affirmative action programs, progressive taxation and legally mandated integration.

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    I agree with that. Many books like this are looking to promote something sinister. Why spend more on social or rehab if all this is God's will?
    I have a lot of acquaintances who think like that, they are opposed to Food Banks, Health clinics, and the School lunch program. Let em starve, it is God's will.

    I also want to remark on crime: What is oft measured is crime is jailed criminals. Here is my point: Did Richard Nixon go to prision? Often more intelligent commit crimes, but never go to prision, the dumb, poor ones go to prision. I have many friends who have evil, hateful minds, but have the money to hire crafty accountants and lawyers to keep them away from jail.

    Tax accountants do a brisk business here in this "conservative" state.

    Good Question.

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