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Can someone please edit this for me please? thanks so much!

Act 5 Scene 2 concludes the Shakespearean play Hamlet. Dilemmas which were prominent in the play are resolved during this scene. Vital themes like decay, selfishness, and revenge are also encountered in the last scene of Hamlet.

The scene starts off with Hamlet explaining to Horatio how he managed to return back to Denmark even though he was sent along with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to England. He informs Horatio that the King sent him off to England to be executed. He then goes on to boast about how he switched the letter written by the Claudius to the King of England. Originally the letter asked for Hamlet to be executed, but instead he changed it so that the messengers would be killed in place of him. Hamlet does not feel bad for sending them to their deaths, but he does tell Horatio he was sorry for losing his temper at Laertes earlier. Interrupting, the courtier Osric comes in bringing news of the fencing match arranged by the King between Hamlet and Laertes. He informs them that the King has wagered a bet Hamlet would win. Hamlet accepts despite Horatio’s warnings.

During the fencing match Hamlet wins, much to everyone’s surprise. The King then offers Hamlet a poisoned drink which Gertrude drinks instead. Laertes and Hamlet battle again, and he wounds Hamlet with a poisoned sword. Ironically, Hamlet is able to beat Laertes’ sword out of his hand and wound him with his own weapon. Their match is disrupted with the Queen collapsing, the poison taking affect. Immediately after telling Hamlet that the drink was poisoned, she dies. Hamlet orders the doors to be locked and demands to know who is to blame. Laertes clarifies Hamlet’s thoughts that it was indeed the King’s fault. Furious, Hamlet stabs the King with the poisoned sword and forces him to drink from the poisoned cup. With the King dead, Laertes exchanges forgiveness with Hamlet and dies as well. Hamlet dies shortly after Laertes, but not before stopping Horatio from committing suicide. He tells Horatio to inform Fortinbras the events which transpired. The scene ends off with Fortinbras becoming King.

In this last scene, the theme of decay is most present as the majority of people perish in this scene. They all either die by a poisoned sword or cup. Poison represents death as it is what ultimately kills nearly everyone in this play. Another theme that is seen in this scene is selfishness. Claudius commits his last act of selfishness when he allows Gertrude to drink from the poisoned cup. He warns Gertrude not to drink it once, yet does nothing more. The King could have taken the cup back from Gertrude, like Hamlet does for Horatio later in the scene, but he chooses not too. Throughout the play, the theme of revenge was most prominent as it what drives the plot. In this last scene, revenge is finally achieved as both Hamlet and Laertes are finally able to kill the person they blamed for the deaths of their loved ones.

  • Hamlet Essay Edit? need help asap pleasee -

    You have summarized the scene fine. Are you supposed to have any opinions about all this? Draw any conclusions?

  • Hamlet Essay Edit? need help asap pleasee -

    It seems to me you ought to present specific dilemmas and their resolutions

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