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Find the resulting displacement of a 15-km displacement and a 25-km displacement when the angle between them is 90 degrees.( Your answer should include magnitude and direction of the displacement.)

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    To find the resultant, separate each of the vectors into x and y components so it should be:
    v1: 15x + 0y
    v2: 0x + 25 y
    add those together and the resultant vector is:
    resultant vector: 15x + 25y

    to get the magnitude, you do the square root of the x-comp squared plus the y-comp squared so its
    15^2+25^2 and then square root that and you should get a magnitude of about 29 km

    for the direction of displacement, or the angle, you do tan(angle)=ycomp/xcomp so angle=inversetan(25/15) and you should get about 59 degrees north of east

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