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1100g of ice at -50C is mixed with 100g of steam at 120C. Find out how much ice melts? The implied final temperature is 0C.
Cice=0.5 Csteam=0.46 Hv=539 Hf =80
here is my work
1100(0.5)(0+50)+80m = 100(0.46)(120-0)+540(100)
i am not getting the right answer

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    First look at the Right side of your equation. The steam cools from 120 to 100, not to 0. Then that 100 g of condensed steam cools to 0 C with a specific heat of 1.00. The 540*100 term is OK.

    On the Left side, the entire 1100 g of ice heats up from -50 to 0C with a specific heat of 0.50, and then a mass M melts with a latent heat of fusion of 80. The left side is OK. Solve for M.

    All this assumes that you are left with icewater. If m turns out negative, or greater than 1100g, all of the ice may have melted, or remained below 0 C. In that case, you will have to rewrite the equation for that possibility.

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