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Is it necessary for us to find new solutions to problems? Many people may argue that we don¡¯t need to since we are already able to solve the problems. As far as I am concerned, we should always try to find new solutions to problems. New solutions enable us to work more efficiently and allow us to achieve greater victory.
Albert Einstein, the world-renowned physicist, supports my opinion. In 19th century, most physicists believed the classical system established by Issac Newton was the perfect theory to study the world. As a result they didn¡¯t try to create new solutions to perceive the universe. But Einstein, who was not limited by the old theory, viewed the world in a new way and put forward his famous theory, special relativity. Only after Einstein publicized his new solution did people realize that there was a better way to study the universe. Eistein¡¯s new theory explained some problems that the old theory couldn¡¯t account for and made great contribution to the development of science. Had Einstein not found the new solution, there would not have had been breakthrough in physics and our society would not have had been so advanced as it is today.
My personal experience also indicates we must always find new solutions. I used to be a student who was unwilling t find new solutions. Once I figured out a way to solve a math problem, I would continue using this solution. But I always solve problems in complicated ways, so I often spent large amounts of time doing homework and even failed to finish it on time. Later I found that the old solutions were not effective and decided to find new ones. My decision was right. Thinking of new solutions not only shortened my time spent on doing math homework, but also deepened my understanding of math.
The example of Einstein and my experience both demonstrate that it is necessary for us to find new solutions to problems. Only when we keep searching for new keys to problems can we obtain improvements.

please score my essay and give me some advice.thank u!!!

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    good opening, good supporting paragraphs, excellent concise conclusion, 6.

    You know the essays should not be rehearsed, you don't get that advantage on the test. You ought to practice on new essay prompts.

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    Yes, reads very well. You might want to check on the spelling of Isaac.

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