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A 10 g particle has the potential energy shown in a graph with the y-axis label U(J) and the x axis is labeled in cm. There is a diagonal line from 4 J down to 1 cm and the line levels out on the x axis to 3 cm and rises again to a height of 2 J at 5 cm and levels out to 7 cm and rises to 6 J at 8 cm.

Part A: How much work does the force do as the particle moves from 2 cm to 6 cm?

W = ? J

Part B: What speed does the particle need at x = 2cm to arrive at x = 6m with a speed of 10 m/s ?

v = ? m/s

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    see the above question and response, same technique.

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    What formula do I use to find the work in part A?

    I cannot figure part b which should be 6 cm (I typed m in original problem) Please help!!

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