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Organic Chemistry

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CH2=CH2 +H2O <--> CH3-CH2-OH
Delta H = -10.6 kcal/mol
Delta S = -30.3 cal/Kmol

why is delta S a negative value?

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    Not quite sure I understand the question.

    If we go to the Gibb's free energy equation:

    delta G = delta H - (T)(delta S)

    where T is the temperature in kelvin

    Remember that a more negative value of delta g is more spontaneous, and a large positive value of delta g is less spontaneous.

    since both H and S are negative:

    delta G = (-H) - (T)(-S)
    delta G = (-H) + (T)(S)

    thus, the larger the value of T, the more positive the delta G... the LESS spontaneous...

    Is this what you are after?

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