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I had a Bio lab about gel electrophoresis and PCR. for each lab, we have to make up thoughtful, detailed questions. You don't have to answer the questions so please don't go through the trouble by answering them.

The first question is about something we did in lab. My question is What soy based food product is a GMO or a non-GMO product?

Second question is a follow up question and the question has to be beyond the scope and something you can test for outside of class. My question is How would you know if there's another GMO product present if the bands are the same size?

The third question is that is associated with the topic in general. I'm kind of having trouble coming up with a question for that. For example, for my photosynthesis lab, my question was : Light energy is needed for photosynthsis to occur; what amount of light is needed to initiate the reaction?

Do you have any questions that you can come with? It can be about PCR or gel electrophoresis. It doesn't matter. If you don't mind, you don't have to write a topic question. Just write whatever comes to your mind and maybe I can use to trigger something in my brain.

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