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the total cost for a school bus rental is 350$/day. Each bus holds 60 students. Find the cost (c) of renting the school bus as a function of the number of students going on a trip (n).

My answer:
I have come up with relating the 350$ to n/60 but i am stuck on where to go from here. Can somebody help me? Thanks.

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    If n is the number of students going, the cost per student per day is $350/n.

    If the bus is full, the cost per student is 350/60 = $5.83.

    The function is undefined for n>60.


    f(n) = $350/n, 1<n<59
    f(n=60) = $5.83
    f(n>60) = undefined

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    Thank you very much. I wrote my question incorrectly. It should be the cost of renting buses (plural). Would that be something like 350 times n/60?

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