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What kind of movie do you like? Why?

1. I like comedy movies because I can laugh while watching them.

2. I like romantic movies because I feel happy when I watch them.

3. I like horror movies because I can feel thrilled.

4. I like action movies because I am interested in martical arts and I want to learn how to do well in martial arts.

5. I like documentary movies because I can learn historical events in the world history.

6. I like animation movies because they are funny.

(Would you like to check the answers? Thank you.)

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    #1 - It's more usual to say, "I like comedies because..." (not comedy movies).

    The rest are fine, although "documentaries" and "documentary movies" mean the same thing. (Either can be used.)

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    If a film depicts the bungling efforts of army officers and soldiers in order to demonstrate the absurdity of military behavior and values, it is employing what literary technique?

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