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AP Chemistry

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One last question....

Which of these two metals (Aluminum or Copper) would be a better choice to make silverware out of?

Specific heat of:
Al = .901
Cu = .39

my guess was the aluminum, because it would take longer for it to get hot, since it requires more heat. This would benefit if there was a hot dish.

... But i'm not sure. What are your thoughts?

Thanks :]

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    I'm not of the opinion that this is a very good question for a number of reasons. However, if you are basing the decision on specific heat, I would go with Al because of the reason you cite. But, I wonder about the following:
    a. if I'm to make silverware, I would think I would make utensils of silver. Better to call them utensils I think.
    b. aluminum is such a soft metal and copper is much more sturdy.
    c. aluminum is so much more reactive than copper.
    I suppose none of that matters. This is just a problem. :-)

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    thanks :] its a weird question, I must add :-/

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