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Compared with college students in the 1960s, college students today are
a. more liberal on some issues, more conservative on others.
b. more conservative on most issues.
c. more liberal on most issues.
d. about as liberal on more issues.
e. much more liberal on every major issue.

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    Cb -- what does your text material say?

    I would guess a -- but I don't have the statistics to prove it.

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    Here is a hint: AIDS has changed the landscape of some activities since the 1960's. Free love is left in the 1960s.

    But honestly, "liberal" and "conservative" are silly words without much meaning, and I am surprised that your text is using them. Those words change meanings often. I read a new litmus test today in the NY times, that the Jr Senator from SCarolina is touting: Ronald Reagan didn't pass it, so was he liberal? Lord help us.

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    I agree "a", but your text has to be consulted, since logic in the definitions cannot be applied.

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