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Ronald has a goldfish. His goldfish weights 12 lbs. If Ronald feeds the gold fish 2 ounces of food every hour and the fish gains 2 ounces each hour,how many pounds would ronalds goldfish weight in 5 days?How many lbs of food does the goldfish eat in a week?

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    This looks like a math problem.

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    Apparently the fish gains that same amount of weight as the food that is eaten. It seems odd that the fish will be fed every single hour during the 24-hour day, but that is the assumption I will make.

    16 ounces = 1 lb.

    15 + (5 * 24 * 2/16) = weight in lbs. after 5 days

    7 * 24 * 2/16 = lbs. of food eaten in 7 days

    I hope this helps.

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