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Write an equation in a standard form of the line that passes through (3,1) and has a y-intercept of-2 .

My book does not have problems like this so PLEASE help me!!!!!!!!!

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    given the y-intercept of -2 implies you have a second point (0,-2)

    so the slope is (-2-1)/(0-3) = -3/-3 = 1

    You now have the slope and the y-intercept.
    Can you take it from here ?

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    x+y=-2 ?

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    very close.

    from the information so far we would have
    y = x - 2

    or x - y = 2

    You can always check if your equation is correct by subbing in the given points.
    notice for your equation and using (3,1)
    we would get
    3+1 = 2 ??

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    How would you get a positive 2 though?

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    I had better put my glasses on.
    I read your equation as x+y = 2, didn't notice the - sign in front.

    Good observation!

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    thats ok, so would it be 4 ?

    I now got -3x+y=-2

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    no, I thought you understood when I told you it was x-y = 2.

    Let's try it again:
    2 points
    (3,1) and (0,-2)
    slope = (-2-1)/(0-3) = 1

    then using y = mx + b
    we have y = (1)x - 2
    or -x + y = -2
    x - y = 2

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    ok thanks, sorry!

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