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Can you help me with these sentences. I have to translate them into French. Can you tell me if there correct or not and if there wrong, what are the corrections.
I am at the park. Je suis au parc.

I am sick today. Je suis malade aujourd'hui.

Are you at school? Êtes-vous à l'école?

Is he depressed? Est-il déprimé?

Is he red-headed? Est-il à tête rouge?

Is she pretty? Elle est jolie?

We are smart. Nous sommes à puce.

Are we studying? Sommes-nous étudier?

Are they organized? Sont-ils organisés?

They are French.Ils sont français.

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    Est-il roux? = Is he redheaded?

    Nous sommes intelligents. = We are smart.

    Étudions-nous? = Are we studying/do we study?

    Sra (aka Mme)

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