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this is what i have to do would the guide/menu work on it im so utterly confused !!!!!!:(PLEASE HELP

Propose an improved community-based education/awareness program, targeted at the population most affected by the disease that builds upon the existing program you are researching.

• Combine the disease overview, review of the education program for the disease, and your proposal to improve the program into a paper according to the following guidelines:

o Identify the disease and describe characteristics of the group most affected by the disease.

o Discuss the major causes of the disease, which body systems are affected, and how those body systems are affected by the disease.

o Discuss risk factors that can be controlled and how to control them, as well as risk factors that cannot be controlled.

o Discuss the evolution of treatment options available to patients; provide a brief history of treatment procedures over time.

o Describe current treatment methods, and include what patients can expect in regards to medical tests and procedures, equipment involved, therapies, and medications.

o Discuss future treatment options based upon current research.

o Evaluate the effectiveness of the existing education program you found.

• What kind of information and patient support is available in the program?
• How is the information delivered?
• Is the information readily available to those who need it most?
• Is the information comprehensive, helpful, supportive, and so forth?
• What is being done well?
• What needs to be done better? How can it be accomplished?
• What new features would you add to the program in order to improve it?

o Propose a new, effective way to spread the word about the improved program to greater numbers of the targeted population.

• Select a spokesperson: someone famous? An average person? A cartoon character?
• How will the information be distributed? On TV, in a game, in a newspaper or flier?

• Compile your findings into a 2,000- to 2,400-word paper.

• Format your paper according to APA standards.

• Post your paper as an attachment.

  • HCA 240 -

    First -- what do you mean by -- "would the guide/menu work on it"?

    What existing program are you researching?

    Which disease is involved?

  • HCA 240 -

    diabetes and i ment would a guide or menu to be used in resturants help improve the community for people with this disease

  • HCA 240 -

    Of course a menu would help -- and on that menu, guides can be provided that tell various nutrition facts about each item on the menu.

    In fact, there are some restaurants already do this.

  • HCA 240 -

    thank you i thought but wasn't for sure so i wanted to make sure

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