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Is this correct? "Accion de gracias feliz! Nosotros deseo ustedes tenidas unasvacaciones alegres! Feliz dia del pavo!" I am trying to say, "Happy Thanksgiving! We wish you all had a joyful holiday! Happy Turkey day!"

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    Felía día de dar acción de gracias = is the entire expression.

    Be sure the verb (desear) agrees with the subject = Nosotros deseamos que ustedes tengan unas vacationes alegres.

    *because you have a wish for someone else, you MUST use the Subjunctive (which you may not have had yet. The stem is usually from the "yo" form Present Tense, with -ar verbs using the theme vowel "E" an d -er and -ir verbs using the theme vowel "A"

    unas vacaciones are "vacation" but a joyful holiday is better with "un alegre día festivo"


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    i think what ur looking for is

    Happy Thanksgiving! Deseamos que todos hayan tenido un día de fiesta alegre! Feliz día Turquía!

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