posted by anonymous

do you have any ideas for the following project:

i need to pick any environment and document a message or issue about it in that exact environment, e.g. take a photo of my work in that place.

i'm thinking about focusing on the issues of energy wastage but don't know which environment to use to document my work and take a photo of it in.

any suggestions will be helpful

  1. GuruBlue

    Use your house? What do you do with your "garbage". Do you recycle paper and glass? Do you use wet waste as a fertilizer? What might you do to change these things. That would be easy to take pictures of.

  2. anonymous

    its a good idea but i've already thought of it but i need to show it in a public environment e.g. in a park or place with loads of people, i don't know what to create to show them

  3. GuruBlue

    Ok.... take the same idea to the park. Parks have trash bins... what is done with them to make them "green"? How might you effect this change?

  4. anonymous

    hi i just did some more research on the topic of trees and the environment, what do you think about attacting words to the branches of trees and the work having a message about c02 or saving energy or something.

    i could then take a picture of this and document it

    do you have any further ideas on this?

  5. GuruBlue

    That sounds like both fun!!! and effective!!! Trees talking! <G>

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