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If humans and all other animals are constantly producing carbon dioxide, and is a very stable gas, why does it make up only a tiny percentage of the earths atmosphere?

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    Could it be that something is using the CO2. Plants use CO2.

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    That is a good answer, but it does seem too simple to me. But maybe it really is a simple question.

    I might just add that when plants use CO2 they produce sugars and oxygen. And since oxygen is abundant in the atmosphere then perhaps the concentration of oxygen remains unchanged relative to CO2?

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    Here is a site that is VERY good reading. Scroll down to the section that is titled "concentration." Note that 95% of the CO2 emitted is caused by sources other than humans which accounts roughly for the small changes in CO2 concentration. Note also that there is a very small (but measurable) concentration change in CO2 between spring and winter months in the northern hemisphere which is assumed to be the fluctuation caused by spring flowers versus winter's loss of photosynthesis. Good reading.

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    why are you so smart

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    how do the products of their decomposition compare

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