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1. Write a quadratic function in intercept form whose graph has the given x-intercepts and passes through the given point.

x-intercepts: 2,3
point: (4,2)

2. Write a quadratic function in standard form whose graph passes through the given points.


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    first one is easy,
    you know that x-2 and x-3 must be factors of the quadratic.
    let the equation be
    y = a(x-2)(x-3)
    sub in (4,2) to solve for a, and you are done

    the second takes a bit more work.
    let the equation be
    y = ax^2 + bx + c

    now take each point and sub into that, giving you 3 equation in 3 unknowns.
    first one:
    -2 = a + b + c

    take it from there.

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