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A cell cycle is exposed to intensive UV irradiation that results in damage to the cells DNA. Shortly after UV exposure, the cell receives signals telling it to undergo cell division. What are the most likely next events to occur in the cell?

A- The cell will undergo mitotic cell division, however, the damaged DNA will not be replicated and therefore transmitted through to the daughter cells

B- The cell will proceed though G1; at the G1 to S phase checkpoint, p53 will halt the cell cycle in response to the DNA damage.

C- Repair of the DNA damage will occur prior to the cell initiating G1 of the cell cycle.

D- The cell will proceed through all stages of the cell cycle and undergo one round of mitotic division.

E- The cell will proceed through G1, S, and G2; at the G2 checkpoint, the cell cycle will be halted by p53 and DNA repair will take place.

A and D seem unreasonable, but my book has almost no information on this material and I have not been able to find something to help me online.

Please Help

Thanks in advance

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