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Chemistry bonds

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Hi. I need help figuring this out. I am lost. Thanks.

For the molecule, CBr4, determine the following:

Name- Carbon Tetrabromide
Electron-Dot Formula-?
Molecular Shape-?
Polarity of bonds (draw dipoles)-?
Polarity of molecules-?
Type of intermolecular forces-?

  • Chemistry bonds -

    Carbon tetrabromide is the trivial name. The IUPAC name is tetrabromomethane.
    These structures are almost impossible to draw on the boards because of a spacing problem. I assume you know how to draw them. If you don't let me know and I can tell you how to do it.
    The above is about the best I can do. Now add 6 electrons around each Br (left, right, top or bottom unless I have already drawn a pair there).
    Here is a site on the web that may help you visualize it.

    polarity of bonds. Draw arrows from Br to C with +end on C end and arrow end (>) on the Br.
    The molecule as a whole has no net dipole although each C-Br bond is a polar bond. It has no net dipole because it is symmetrical in space, shaped like a tetrahedron.

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