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please help me!!
Solve by elimination method:
3r - 5s = 6
5r + 3s = 44
I thought that I could do vertical addition,when I do, I get 8r - 2s = 50...........but none of the variables are eliminated.

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    elimination method means to eliminate one of the variables.let us eliminate s.
    3r - 5s = 6 ---I
    5r + 3s = 44 --II
    as a thumb rule multily eq I by 3 (coef. of s in eq II) and multiply eq II by 5 (coef. of s in eq II)
    9r - 15s = 18 ---I
    25r +15s = 220 --II
    By vertical addition
    s=(3r-6)/5=(21-6)/5 =3
    verification: sub stitute r and s in eq.1 we have
    (3*7)-(5*3)=6 tallied hnece correct

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