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9th grade

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each question is 10 points each, and i don't get 4 questions. I am in Earth Science and in 9th grade i would appreciate it if some one would help me. THANKS !

Where have earthquakes occurred most frequently during the last one hundred years?
1) in the polar regions
2) in the interior of continental areas
3) along the pacific ocean coastlines
4) along the atlantic ocean coastlines

Which best describes a major characteristic of both volcanoes and earthquakes?
1) they are centered at the poles
2) they are located in the same geographic areas
3) they are related to the formation of glaciers
4) they are restricted to the southern hemisphere

which evidence causes most scientist to believe that seafloor spreading occurs at the Atlantic ridge?
1) oceanic crust is oldest at the ridge
2) large sedimentary folds exist in the mantle near the ridge
3) oceanic crust on both difes of the ridge is less dense than continental crust.
4) oceanic crust on both sides of the ridge shows matching patterns of reversed and normal magnetic polarity

the theory of continental drift suggest that the
1) continental moved due to the coriolis effect caused by the eartbs rotation
2) continents moved due to the coriolis effect caused b the earths rotation
3) present-day continents of south america and africa are moving towards each other
4) present day continents of south america and africa once fit together like puzzel parts.

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