posted by Rachel

Could someone please double check me?

A Developer works 40 hours per week at $30 per hour.

He or she earns : 40 hours x $30.00 per hour = $1200.00 - per week.

The four developers earn : 40 hours x $1200.00 = $4800.00 - per week.
The Manager works 40 hours per week at a rate of: $50.00 per hour.

He or she earns: 40 hours x $50.00 per hour = $2000.00 - per week.
Therefore, the weekly payroll is: $6800.00
The project budget is: $850,000.00

Weeks I can Keep my resources with my given budget: $850,000.00 / $6500.00 = 130 WEEKS.

  1. Ms. Sue

    Do you have a typo here?

    $850,000.00 / $6500.00 = 130

    I assume you don't need to consider the cost of benefits in this budget.

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