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college math

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solve: (3/x)/1=(7/x-20)

i keep getting different answers for this question. the last answer i got was 20 (which would make it not a solution) but im not sure if that is right

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    i wrote it wrong the 1st time. this is the problem.
    solve: (3/x)-1=(7/x-20)

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    why are there brackets around the right side? Did you mean 7/(x-20) ?
    I can only take your question at face value the way you typed it.
    Then it would be the same as

    3/x - 1 = 7/x - 20

    multiply each term by x

    3 - x = 7 - 20x
    19x = 4
    x = 4/19

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    it suppose to be (3/x)-1=7/(x-20)

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