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Alonso can't decide which size pizza to order. The 10-inch cheese and sausage pizza is $7.99, while
the 12-inch deluxe is $8.99. The dimensions given are the diameters of the pizzas. If he gets the
10-inch pizza, the total price will be divided among 3 people. If he chooses the 12-inch pizza, then
the total price will be divided among 4 people. Which is the better buy? How much will each
person pay?

  • Geometry -

    total area of the pizza= ðR2
    Cheese + Sausage: 25ð
    Deluxe: 36ð

    $7.99/3 people = $2.66 for 8.33ð sq in.
    $8.99/4 people = $2.24 for 9ð sq in.
    The deluxe pizza is the better buy because you pay less per person

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