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A few questions on simplifying rational expressions...

1). 15x^2/10x this simplifies to 3x^2/2 according to my book. But I would think it should be 3/2x since x^2-x=x. Why not?

2). Simplify 3xy/xy+x. How come the (xy)'s don't cancel so you are left with 3/x?

3). Can you break it down, step by step how (4y-8y^2)/(10y-5) becomes -4y/5?

Thank you!

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    1. You need to divide both numerator and denominator by the same term, in this case, 5x.

    x^2-x = x(x-1) ≠ x

    2. You need to divide both by the same term.
    (xy+x)/xy = 1 + 1/y

    3. Sorry, but I have to leave now.

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