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With one of the most successful African American business in history, the Motown Record Corporation was founded in 1959in Detroit by Berry Gordy,Jr.
A.With one
B.It was one
C.Being one
E.As one

why can't i choose E?

Assignment; does planning interfere creativity?

Many people think that planning interferes creating because it prevents us from change and creativity. But, in my opinion, plan does not hamper creativity. On the contrary, planning is a an essential part of creating.
Isac Newton, the world-renowned scientist, was the founder of the theory of gravity. He was inspired when he was hit by an apple fallen from a tree and came up with an idea of gravitation. After that, he had to do large amounts of scientific calculation to prove his opinion and planed to express his idea in words. In other words, the creating of a theory involved planning. But planning did not stop Newton from creativity. Without planning, Newton, undoubtedly, would not be able to establish such a great theory.
My own experience also supports my viewpoint. I once performed a play with my classmates. We had to prepare for everything, including writing the play, rehearsing and renting the costumes. Creating the performance required us not only to fully exploit our creativity to write an interesting story and act in a variety of ways, but also to arrange for the stage settings, the background music, the costumes and the character assignment. Our performance was, as a matter of fact, a combination of creativity and planning. If we hadn¡¯t plan for the play, the play would have been all in a mess.
The example of Newton and my experience both demonstrate that planning does not hamper creativity. Instead, planning plays an important role in creating.

Please answer my question and score my essay. Thank u very much!!!

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    Look at the definition of "corporation" and you will see that it can NOT be E, which is singular.


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