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A tow truck is pulling a car out of a ditch by means of a steel cable that is 10.2 m long and has a radius of 0.50 cm. When the car just begins to move, the tension in the cable is 870 N. How much has the cable stretched?

COnstant for Steel cable Y=2.0e11

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    Please mention the units when there is a mix of units. (10.2 m, 0.5 cm, 2.0e11 Pascal, etc.)

    Also, note that cables do not have a solid cross section. Lack of better information, we will assume the section to be solid. The actual deformation will be higher than calculated.

    Modulus of elasticity, E = 2.0e11 pascals
    tension, T=870 N
    length, L=10.2 m
    radius of cable, r = 0.005 m.
    Area of cable, A = πr²
    deformation, ΔL
    =(T/A / E )*L m

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