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Compare and contrast the societies, governments, and economies of both North and South Korea.

This is what I got:

Since 1945, the Korean Peninsula has been divided into two countries: North and South Korea. North Korea, which is also known as The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, is a Communist country while South Korea, or The Republic of Korea, has a non-communist government.
North Korea, with about 23 million people, is less densely populated than South Korea. Because it’s located near the Asian mainland, North Korea is influenced by close continental climate regions.
In comparison, South Korea has about 45 million people and is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. It is less mountainous that North Korea and has broad, rolling plains. South Korea is also better suited for agriculture than North Korea because of its land and warmer climate.
In 1953, South Korea was economically at a disadvantage; the finest industries and hydroelectric plants were in Communist North Korea, and South Korea was swarming with exhausted refugees. Communist states became North Korea’s new trading partners and South Korea allied itself with the US and Japan. With aid from its new economic partners, South Korea became industrialized. To solve its energy problems, South Korea built nuclear power plants and the country witnessed a remarkable rate of economic growth in the passing years. South Korea also experienced the development of a new middle class, and an increase in its role in international trade and politics. Today South Korea is a major exporter of textiles, clothing, automobiles, and electronic goods.
Under Communist leadership, North Korea has continued to evolve from an agricultural to an industrial society. Despite the fact that it has greater natural resources than South Korea, North Korea has a lower standard of living. The economy of North Korea has been declined, mainly because only the government decides what and how much to produce.

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