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5x -3 = 11 + 12x

combine like figures
add 3 to both sides to remove the 3

5x= 14+ 12x

Now I get confused. If I remove the 12x I have to subtract 12x from 5x which gives me an answer of -7x=14 would the correct answer thus be x= -2?


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    you have it, x=-2

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    thank you

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    You are correct, no reason to become confused, your steps are ok

    After solving any equation, you can always check your answer by simply subbing it back into equation.
    If it is correct the left side (LS) will be equal to the right side (RS)

    LS = 5(-2)-3 = -10-3 = -13
    RS = 11 + 12(-2) = 11 - 24 = -13

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