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list ten political and economic reforms the Populists proposed in their platform during the populist movement

  1. Kathy

    Revising the ownership of the means of production, wealth redistribution (take from the rich and give to the poor, elimination of corruption, free health care for all, control of prices, food sufficiency, open access to social services, education for all, government intervention into private lives and all decision making to be carried out by government for equality to prevail.

  2. Renee

    -Free coinage of silver and issuance of large amounts of paper currency to help debt ridden farmers
    -Abolition of the national banking system
    -Nationalization of railroads
    -Graduated income tax
    -Direct election of senators
    -referendums, initiatives, and recalls
    -Government ownership of the telephone and telegraph
    -New federal subtreasury for farmers

  3. Jonathan J.

    creating postal savings banks, enacting immigration restriction, setting a graduated income tax and limiting the presidency to a single six-year term.

  4. Ashanti

    Ask GOD...

  5. Anonymous

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  6. It’s 2019 season

    Ashanti you embarrass the APUSH community with your fanatics. Go study theology or something. You are no longer wanted.

  7. ashanti #2

    i am a proud member of the APUSH community and i think all voices should be heard @ashanti

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