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Look at the big picture, how many people are there? There are about 8 people. The people are members of a jury. They are talking about a criminal case, I think. In front of them, we can see a judge and a prosecutor.

The bottom left picture is the supreme Court of the United States. The bottom left picture is about the inside of the Supreme Court.

What jobs are related to these pictures? Judges, lawyers, and prosecutors are related to the pictures. What are their roles. A prosecutor bring a criminal charge against someone in a court. A lawyer gives information about laws and represent the accused in a court. He want to help the accused. What does a judge do? He decides whether a person is guilty or innocent. If a person is proved to be guilty, he passes sentence on the accused. Their roles are important. What about a jury? Jurors decide whether a person is innocent or guilty unanimously, the judge passes sentence on the accused.

(Would you checked the passages and correct them please? Thank you.)

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    Capital "S" on "Supreme" -- question marks at the ends of questions -- 3rd person singular present tense verbs need to have the -s ending (prosecutor brings, lawyer...represents, he wants)

    In this sentence, you need to clarify who "he" is:
    "If a person is proved to be guilty, he passes sentence on the accused."

    Your last is a run-on -- that is, it's really two sentences not properly separated. How will you fix this?

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