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My Chapter is focusing on Industrial Revolution, and these are my questions on them, all your help will be appreciated.

How did the textile industry lead to colonies?

The textile industry lead to colonies by economic development. Many people began to desire high quality, updated cloths, that the textile industry began to produce. There was rapid popultaion growth towards these cloths. Enclosure made it possible and profitable to maintain enormous herds of sheep. British wool could be harvested cheaply and turned into cloth in nearby communities. It was very high quality wool, and became in high demand.

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    Sara -- you didn't say anything about the colonies.

    Why did England need colonies? Where were these colonies? What did colonies have to do with the Industrial Revolution?

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    England needed colonies because then it could get to gain enormous lands and all the wealth from that land. They could also use the colonies to off load the undesirables of their own country. This would be an increase of wealth for England. Colonies had to increase the economic growth in the Industrial Revolution.

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    You've still missed the point about the connection between the Industrial Revolution and colonies.

    Keep reading your text.

    Look for what England took from the colonies. Look for what the colonies bought from England.

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    The textile industry lead to colonies by its economic development. New England and the Middle Colonies brought attention towards the people living around there by its major market centers.

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