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I am in spanish 1A. my question is what is these sentences translated in english?
1. a alma le gusta correr?
2.david es de miami o de san antonio?
3.el senor estrada esta bien o terrible?
4. le gusta correr a arturo o a francisco?
5. el senor garcia es de san antonio o de mexico?
6. de donde es francisco?
7. y alma. como eta hoy?

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    1. the verb "gustar" means "to be pleasing to someone" so literally this says "To Alma to her is it pleasing to run?" BUT you would translate it: Does Alma like to run?"
    2. David is from Miami or from San Antonio? Because it is a question, it sounds like better word order with "Is David from Miani or from San Antonio?
    3. You must capitalize proper names. This all lower-case is unacceptable! Mr. Estrada is fine or terrible?
    4. Does Arthur or Francisco like to run ?
    5. Is Mr. García from San Antonio or from Mexico?
    6. Whee is Francisco from?
    7. And Alma, how (está) is she today?


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