Algebra 2 URGENT

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Solve the problem. Round the answer to the nearest hundredth. Please Show All Work!

A garden is currently 4 meters wide and 7 meters long. If the area of the garden is to be doubled by increasing the width and length by the same number of meters, find the new dimension of the garden.

  • Algebra 2 URGENT -

    Please show your work and someone will be glad to critique it. You are just dumping your problems here.

  • Algebra 2 URGENT -

    I am sorry but i do not even know how to start the problem that is why i asked for someone to answer it and show work so that i maybe able to better understand it

  • Algebra 2 URGENT -

    Let x be the amount by which both length and width are increased.

    The new area is (4+x)(7+x)

    Set that equal to twice the former area (2*4*7 = 56)and solve for x

  • Algebra 2 URGENT -

    6.1 and 9.1

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