8th grande transition algebra

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well, i am doing a math crossword puzzle on linear equations. I really need some help. here are the questions:
what is Ax+By+C called?
what are numbers used to graph a point?
what is not a straight line?
where does a line pass threoug the x-axes?
what is the y values in a set of orderde pairs?
what is a horizontal line?
whats a grid system?
what does y=mx+b mean?
where does a line passs through the y axis
what is a set of ordered pairs
what is up and to the right, into the positives
what is the x values in a set of ordered pairs
if someone can answer them all asap that would be great!!!!


  • 8th grande transition algebra -

    Hmmmm! If YOU answered them all, YOU'd learn a lot!

    Check your book for these words.

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