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A massless string runs around two massless, frictionless pulleys, where one pulley is attached to the ceiling, and the other is suspended with a mass m. An object with mass m = 17 kg hangs from one pulley. A force F is exerted on the free end of the string to lift the object at a constant speed by a distance of 2.9 m. What is the work done on the object by the force F? Hint: Use the lower pulley and the attached object as the system and note that the force F is the tension in the string.

* |
0 |
| | |
| | |
| | |
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| |*|
F 0
17KG (mass hanging from pulley)

F is external force pulling the string that runs over the pulley. * is a pulley one attached to the ceiling the other hanging. object of mass m=17kg hanging from string.

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    Ok the above diagram didn't turn out the way i expected it to. But I hope you can still understand with the description. Please help, I tried it two times but I am not getting the correct answer.

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