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Mr.Pilgrim has a turkey farm.He has one male turkey for every 17 female turkeys.If he has 289 females,how many does he have?Can this be expressed using exponents?
Each turkey has 2.3X106 feathes.How many feathers is that in standard form?

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    this is what you would have to do you would have to divide 17 and 289 and you have it would be 17males

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    3min 35sec
    - 2min 50sec

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    289/17 = number of toms (male turkeys) = 17

    2.3 times 106 does not come out to a whole number. (They would not have a partial feather.)Is there something missing in your notation?

    I also do not know where Linda got an answer in time intervals.

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    can u show me how u solve it.

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    2.3 x 106

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