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in the book oedipus rex the outgoing philosophical debate of weather human life is governed by fate or individual freewill is the subject of much of the world's best lieraure. what is the case in this book?

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    Do you mean, "In the play Oedipus Rex, the ongoing philosophical debate of whether ... ?"

    Ask yourself ...

    What predictions, made long before this particular play opens, were Laius and Jocasta trying to avoid? Who did not carry out their directions to the letter? What were the results?

    What web did Oedipus find himself in? How old was he when he finally realized the truth and how it fell in line with the predictions? What did he do once he learned of the predictions and the truth of his own actions?

    How did Oedipus's brother-in-law and children act because of his own situation and his actions?

    Did all these different characters/people have free will? Were they all doomed to fulfill the predictions? Or what?

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