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A store sells tea for $1.05, coffee for $1.35 and hot chocolate for $2.25. One day, the store sells 20250 drinks. 20 more coffee are sold than hot chocolate, and 30 more coffee are sold than tea. How many of each drink was sold?


    Both the numbers of hot choc and tea are stated in relation to coffee, so I will let the number of cups of coffee be x
    then they sold x-20 hot chocs
    and they sold x-30 teas
    so x + x-20 + x-30 = 20250
    3x - 50 = 20250
    x = 6766.666

    Something is wrong here!
    Where does the price of these products enter the picture ?

    Check you typing of the problem.


    It equals to $20250. does that make a difference?

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