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In her job as department manager, Lois must often attend late afternoon meetings that lead to her being unable to attend her children’s extracurricular activities, such as games and concerts. What is Lois experiencing in these instances?

  • fiu -

    How do we know?

    Maybe she's glad because she hates watching kids perform.

    Maybe she's sorry not to be able to support her kids.

    Maybe she's delighted that her husband can attend these activities.

  • psychology? -

    If you have two simultaneous events that you want to attend, you will experience internal conflict. For either choice, she is likely to have positive feelings for being able to attend one, but negative feelings for missing the other alternative. In this case, it is most likely an approach-avoidance conflict.

    I have no idea what subject "fiu" represents.

  • Psychology -

    The answer is Role conflict but if you werent so lazy you'd know it was in one of the practice questions in the back of the book for chapter 7

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