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What is the gas pressure inside the box shown in the figure?

I have a picture but website wouldn't allow me to post the link for the picture.
So I am trying my best to describe it.
it is a u-shape tube and it is holding mercury in it. One side has 16cm of mercury and other side has 6cm.
what i did was p_gas:
101300+(9.81*13600*.16*.06)..doesn't work

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    There should be mercury in both sides of the tube, with a higher column height on the side opposite to the side with the gas.

    The gas pressure equals
    P= (mercury density) g h,
    where h is the difference in the mecruty column heights.

    You do not have to add 101300 (atmosheric pressure) to get the absolute pressure with a u-tube manometer such as this.

    P = 9.81 m/s^2*13600 kg/m^3*(.16-.06) m

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    i got 13341.6 is incorrect

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    i figured it out..thanks for helping me

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    Annie, how can you say is my question i am still working on it

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    sorry Ana... i missed typed it...again i apologize

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    difference between height is 10 cm so use 0.1 instead of 0.6 and you should get 88000

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