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Initially a pool contains 350 gallons of water. A hose is placed in the pool, and the water is turned
on. The hose adds 4.8 gallons of water per minute. Write an equation that shows the relationship
between the total amount of water in the pool, V, and the number of minutes the hose has been on,

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    V=4.8x 350 gallons = 4.8 gal x 72.91 minutes

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    Initially a pool contains 350 gallons of water. A hose is placed in the pool and the water is turned on. The hose adds 5.2 gallons of water per minute. Model the total amount, V, of water in the pool for x, the number of minutes the hose has been on.
    V(x) = 5.2x
    V(x) = 350x - 5.2
    V(x) = 350x + 5.2
    V(x) = 5.2x + 350

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