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pre algebra

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solve equation.. i continually keep getting this problem wrong


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    Since 5-2=3, saying x/3=x/3 isn't really saying anything. Multiply each side by 3/1 if you don't believe me. Did you copy it down correctly?

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    ok so for this you do

    you multiple both sides by 3
    so you have

    x=x/15 -6
    then go on from there

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    Brit's math is incorrect.

    In contrast to Averageman, I am assuming that your equation is really:

    x/3 = x/5 - 2

    Not x/3 = x/(5-2)

    Multiply both sides by 15 to get rid of both denominators.

    5x = 3x - 30

    Subtract 3x from both sides.

    2x = -30

    Divide both sides by 2.

    x = -15

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